Anna Firth is a Vancouver-based visual artist. She primarily works with traditional animation methods to create media installations & gifs. Anna’s frenetic hand-drawn animations explore the historical and contemporary relationships between animation and loops, labour, and the sensation of being stuck. She graduated from Emily Carr University’s MFA program and previously attended The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington.



Alia Hijaab is a Vancouver-based visual artist and animator. She is of mixed Syrian/American heritage and has spent most of her life living in the Middle East. Alia moved to Canada to pursue her art education and obtained her BMA in Animation from Emily Carr University of Art + Design and he uses her experiences as an immigrant in her practice. Alia is a storyteller at heart and her work explores issues of her Syrian identity, immigration, loss, social justice, and examining what it means to be an Arab woman in a contemporary context.


Chhaya Naran is a queer, trans artist and animator. They graduated from Emily Carr University in 2018. Currently based in Vancouver, they hail from Kingston, Ontario, and are a part of the South Asian diaspora. Chhaya is influenced by their multiple overlapping identities, as well as a love for friends, family, food, and fantasy.



Chris Strickler is from West Lafayette, Indiana and graduated in 2018 with a BMA in Animation from Emily Carr University of Art + Design. He is an animator, installation artist, and live visual performer. His work in all disciplines leans towards the abstract, with a focus on graphic shapes and crunchy textures. 



David Gorodetsky is an Emily Carr BFA student trying to find ways to create illustrations, animations, sculpture, ceramics and more. He is inspired by the weirdness of our universe, queer narratives, and a lot of mushrooms. Too many mushrooms. He hopes that Flavourcel grows into new and exciting ways for Vancouver to meet its animation community. 



Gil Goletski is a multi-media doer from Vancouver Island. They make animation, illustration, and music. Their unique experience as a autistic transgender person informs most of their work; odd impossible preportioned bodies, ugly porous faces, and a strange wobbly lines. Recently they have been exploring the idea of identity by using proxies and micro-narratives to explore different aspects of flawed personalities.


Harlo Martens is a professional art school dropout who specialises in animating the melting and morphing parts of reality that are hard to understand. As a queer multi-media practitioner, they are interested in trying to come to terms with a human species identity by way of colour, movement, and good old hard work. The understanding of nonhuman intelligence* politics is a key motivator.  


Josh Neu a 2D Animator, writer and sound designer who was born in Seoul, South Korea, and raised in Wichita, Kansas and educated at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, B.C. He is creatively drawn to the weird and experimental side of narratives. Josh like dots, lines and bold color choices.


Julia Song is an animator and artist from Seoul, Korea. Her work mostly focuses on storytelling through character animation, but also expands to experimental animation. She attempts to visually express the character’s experience and emotion through experimenting with the fluidity of animation. 



Kat Morris is an artist working in the field of 2D animation from Smithers, BC and currently resides in Vancouver. Using hand-drawn digital animation, Kat explores the limits and possibilities of narrative through symbolism, soundscapes and fluid, illustrative motions. Having grown up in the rural areas of Northern BC, Kat’s work takes heavy influence from the organic and natural aspects that allow the world, and her animation, to breathe a life all its own.



Lana is a queer animator and filmmaker born in the North West Territories, recently graduated from NSCAD University with a Major in Film and currently based in Vancouver, BC. She does freelance art direction for shorts and music videos as well as working independantly in cel and stop motion animation. She draws inspiration from  her relationships, sexuality, pop culture, and anything strange.



Laurel Pucker is a Vancouver based artist and animator who specializes in 3D projects and low poly modeling. She has a Bachelor of Media Arts from Emily Carr University of Art and Design, and is single and ready to mingle. She also loves dogs, send her pics.



Rowen is a California-born artist currently residing in Vancouver, BC. She moved to Vancouver to attend Emily Carr University and graduated with a BMA in Animation. Her primary focus while in school was 3D, but her interest in animation branches to 2D as well. Her work is focused on characters and is often autobiographical, which she usually translated into comics or gifs.